Spring 2017

In the Spring of 2016 we shared the news of our investment in surveying and inspecting with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Since then we have added more drones to our fleet and now boast three FAA certified drone pilots. We also shared our investment in expanded construction monitoring services. We have added more fulltime field staff and actively monitor projects with field inspection for sewerage projects, oil well and gas well drilling sites, local roadways and service roads, and waterline distribution and main systems. We have also expanded into mapping and planning services in the fiber optic line installation and monitoring field in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Now we are excited to offer a new service form our CADD mapping department. This service is for the individuals or organizations who hold dear their investment in the real estate of their home or business and want to portray it in a cultural setting. For maps we complete or from a boundary survey performed by others we will create a survey map into an artistic display with an historic looking quality worthy of framing and hanging in the reception area or study of one’s business or home. We also provide the matted framing as part of the service.

 Survey maps, before the era of computers, were not only an accurate representation of one’s holdings but also, when prepared carefully, were treasured works of art. We want to give our customers this artistic component from years gone by now missed in the current age of mass production and automation.

As a homeowner, business owner, or developer will confide, they are truly proud of their creations and investments. What better way to share their pride than an elegant framed depiction of their home, business or development in the cast of a framed, historic looking crafted survey map.



Charles F. Hammontree, CEO

Experience - So What?

We have been around, we claim we have seen and done it all. "Hire us. We have experience." Really? Is this the pitch to get the next project or win that big project you and all your competitors are vying to win? Don't we really want to say......

Winter 2017-2018 - The Great Slaughter

Well, here we are again winding up another year. Like any business owner I've been busy closing out the final tallies of our finances, pension plans, and doing all those things required of a successful business. Then I got it, that rare moment where I am granted an unexpected breather and for the moment all the ducks are in a row.