Experience - So What?


We have been around, we claim we have seen and done it all. “Hire us. We have experience.” Really? Is this the pitch to get the next project or win that big project you and all your competitors are vying to win?

Don’t we really want to say, “We have highly educated staff keenly trained to quickly identify problems and offer the optimum solutions to save our customers money and even more precious, their time.” The rebuttal may be, “What makes your staff so special?” Now were getting to the nitty gritty. Are we special and unique because we have graduates from good schools-maybe? Are we different because we have been practicing for decades-perhaps? Or are we the engineers you want to hire because you know you are going to get your own special project manager and support team focusing on the success of your project, champion your cause to build a great project, and meet all those volleys of regulations and permits. Is it because in our firm you find a considerate caring professional to explain the process and solutions needed for your unique situation?

You want to hire us because you know it will be well designed and approved on time and budget but also because you will be kept informed as your project progresses; because you won’t have to ask yourself, “Is anything being done? Are they on schedule? Did I ask them to do what I really needed? Or, do I need something I didn’t think about?” You won’t be talking to yourself at bedtime because you know you hired Hammontree and those are the questions Hammontree’ s champions ask themselves. This is the experience we are offering. Our experience is how we care and become more involved in your project than the other firm down the street. Now that’s experience I like to buy. How about you?