Oil and Gas Well Site Development Services and Pipeline Services

Members of: OOGA, PIOGA, and IOGA-WV


Energy - Hammontree and Associates - engineering


  • E & S Plan Design and Reports
  • NPDES Permits and Monitoring
  • Sewage Permits
  • Recon Visits for Preliminary Site Selections
  • Geotechnical/Slope Stability Analysis and Recommendations
  • Construction Observation During Pad and Pond Construction
  • Permitting and Coordinating Issues Addressed by Regulators
  • Permit Fee Management
  • Lease Exhibit Drawing for Surface Owner Coordination

Energy - Hammontree and Associates - surveying
  • Urban Area Mapping per O.R.C. Chapter 1501:9
  • Rural Area Mapping
  • Horizontal and Vertical Well Plats with Unit Lease Areas
  • Gas Line Staking and Right of Way Development
  • GIS Well Inventory Plats and Wall Spacing Planning
  • Transmission Line Layout
  • Record Drawing of Completed Construction
  • Subsidence Monitoring in Coal Mine and Sensitive Terrain

Energy - Hammontree and Associates - transportation
  • Road Bonding Applications
  • Winter Road Maintenance Agreements
  • DOT Drive Access Permits to State Routes
  • 911 Addressing Management
  • Complete ODOT Design Prequalification for Highway and Bridge Design and Inspections

Energy - Hammontree and Associates - environmental
  • Wetland Delineations
  • Wetland Permitting for Section 404/401 and State Permits
  • Stream Crossing and Wetland Clearance Permitting
  • Endangered and Sensitive Species Protection Reports
  • Environmental Site Assessments

Energy - Hammontree and Associates - wind-energy
Wind Energy Support Services
  • Foundation Design for Wind Turbines
  • Permitting
  • Map Preparation
  • Full Civil and Surveying Services