Our offices in Ohio and Pennsylvania offer quality service by professionally registered engineers and surveyors. 

It is the Hammontree & Associates and Morris Knowles & Associates, Inc. (A Hammontree Company) philosophy to invest in technology and training to deliver the services required to make every project a success. Our departments have experience in planning, design, and construction as well as the preparation of plans, specifications, and cost estimates. 

What Our Customers Have To Say

"Hammontree demonstrates leadership, knowledge and is a driving force when involved in a project which is comforting to a project owner."

Steve Katz, Vice President
Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce 

"Hammontree keeps the project on budget, on time, and most importantly on-task to ensure project goals are met. They really take care of their clients."

Anna Capaldi, Trustee
Perry Township 

"We have had a 15+ year relationship with Hammontree because of their expertise on many levels on land development issues and because they give prompt service."

Steve Paquette, President 
Stark Development Board 

"Hammontree knows land development issues and has a talent for pulling all parties together for a common goal to bring a project to successful completion."

Bob Sanderson, Director
Stark County Regional Planning Commission 

"Hammontree has a reputation to step forward to advocate for their clients to make sure their client’s goals are met." 

Bob Nau, AICP, Director 
Stark County Regional Planning Commission 

"Hammontree is easy to communicate with and communicates in a timely matter.  They met the Department expectations.”  Hammontree was always responsive with the departments on the projects."

James McGrath, Project Manager
Ohio Department of Transportation

"Hammontree is a well known and respected leader on land development issues in Stark County and in the State of Ohio." 

Joe Race, Executive Director
Stark County Building Industry Associations

"I appreciate the professional manner and time put forth by Hammontree to get this project done in the short timeframe we had to work with.  I look forward to working with you company on future projects again."

Jamie Wagner, Director of Franchise and Corporate Construction

"Hammontree has good organization and communication skills which is valuable to any client and project success."

Paul Pickett, PE City Engineer
City of Green 

"Hammontree keeps the job on-task to ensure project goals are met."

Bob Fronte, Director 
Stark Parks

"Hammontree provided an alignment location and cross section survey in support of a $3.7 million multi-purpose trail project for us.  While the length of the trail was only 1-1/4 miles the elevation change was 130’ with extremely steep slopes. The survey project was turned in on time and budget. I recommend their services without hesitation for linear projects in rough terrain."

John Kilgore, P.E., Manager of Trail Projects 
Cleveland Metro Parks Engineering and Design 

"Hammontree keeps the project on time and budget, I would recommend them."

Al Brubaker, P.E., P.S., Summit County Engineer
Summit County

"Hammontree & Associates is our go to firm for surveying services in Northeast Ohio." 

Robert Graham, P.E., Principal
ME/IBI Group 

"We have worked with Hammontree on numerous projects over the years and they have always met our deadlines and their work has been very good not only during the design phase but also through the construction process. Working with Hammontree on long distance projects has been very easy." 

Bill Yen & Ian Ainslie
Elliot & Associates Architects